29th December 1940 — 6 Comments

  1. I wonder if that bombing is England’s trauma akin to the famine for Ireland. A trauma that passes through generations, even for those who haven’t your connection.
    It’s certainly something pushed at the moment since Brexit on the telly.

  2. It is interesting to read details of public opinion at the time. Morale was very low, the underground stations were a horrible experience, and there was not a great sense of camaraderie.

    Churchill’s skill was in his ability to create a myth, to present a grimly dark time as a triumphant moment.

    Johnson is an ass who thinks he can offer similar words of inspiration.

  3. My Grandfather was in a heavy rescue during the London Blitz and after, as well as being on the front line during WW1. He never spoke about any of it. My father says that he remembers his Dad coming home and punching the wall after spending three days at the site of a primary school that had been hit by a V2 during a school day. He never went back, I hope no one ever has to endure what his generation did.

  4. Nothing in the current life of the nation is comparable with those times. I hate the word “heroes” being used of highly-paid sportsmen who do what they are paid to do at no risk to themselves.

  5. I suppose it’s because generally we have had a comfortable life, largely without the stresses and strains of simply surviving, that the word hero has been so downgraded.

  6. I suppose so.

    It galls me, though, to hear a Premier League football player described in terms similar to those used of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. (I knew a man who dealt with IEDs in Afghanistan, running around Old Trafford in shirt and shorts is not quite as demanding!)

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