It’s Bovril Saturday again — 5 Comments

  1. Bovril, with a slice of toast broken up in it. Yum. For some reason it was a go-to food when you were ill, along with Lucuzade.

  2. Do you remember when it wasn’t done to visit someone in hospital without a bottle of Lucozade in orange cellophane wrapping or a bunch of grapes?

  3. I remember Bovril very well. In Winter we brought bread and butter sandwiches to school . A jar of Bovril was brought and left in school for however long it lasted . Each day the master boiled the kettle and poured it into our cups containing a spoonful of Bovril. We happily dipped our bread and butter into the hot Bovril . Happy memories . Hope you enjoying your teaching in Dublin Ian .

  4. A frugal lunch!

    School is good, tough but good.

    Having spent the last two summer terms under Covid conditions, I am hoping this summer will be normal, if such a thing as “normal” exists.

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