Gender neutral toilets deny the rights of girls — 4 Comments

  1. I’m not sure the ration of kids to loos in the design and building of schools nowadays but if as here they are shoehorning two schools together what was designed for boys needs to be doubled and then some.

  2. With the money saved in the closure of one establishment, there should be plenty to ensure adequate facilities.

    I discussed the gender neutral idea with a Fifth Year group today, the girls were revolted at the idea. It would make you wonder who was consulted in the school featured in the report.

  3. The boys have just come home from school today to say that all the toilets at their schoolwill be gender neutral from now on. The boys hate the idea as much as the girls. They also agreed it will be worse for the girls because teenage boys behave how teenage boys do. I said I thought that it was probably ok to have a few blocks of gender neutral toilets but there should be some dedicated girls loos and perhaps a couple of blocks of urinals in the school.

  4. If I were the mother of a girl at the school, I would be very unhappy and complain not just to the principal but to the public representatives (principals do not like adverse publicity).

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