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  1. Many of the Sagas and stories have echoes to the Greek. But where Greece has been explored archaeologically using Homer as a datum point we here on these islands tend to dismiss the ones we have.
    Take the Icelandic Sagas. Up until very very lately they were taken as pure bunkum but they turned out to be very spot on.
    I read Finn &co being very like the Greeks that came to Troy. Early bronze age militaristic groups that subjugated the locals and forced them into mining and the cutting of forests. And you’ll tend to find where there are monastic sites there are mines dating from the bronze age period.
    One thing I’ve noticed about Slievenamon and the necklaces of churches that surround it. Some you can see the top of the mountain, some you can’t. And none I can think of are ‘on’ the slopes. Kilcash, yes, but the old site is beside the castle. And in many cases taking ten steps towards the mountain and the top vanishes.

  2. I’d say it was Crohane. So it depends which way you arrived. Possibly Ballingarry. Or Magorban, near Cashel and near the Blue Cheese people.

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