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  1. Jeepers you don’t know how lucky you were. You didn’t have Peíg foisted on you. Talk about miserylit. I am still clueless what exactly the goal was, and can only assume it was a hangover from when the few wealthy went to second level. But delivering it to the intake after 2nd level opened who were within an ace of that existence was utterly vicious. Akin to teaching Dickens to the East End in the 30s.

    To your point, I would put Flann O’Brien long before Joyce, and if Austin the Pride and Prejudice. Then The Golden Ass, to give them a footing on where the roots lay. Cervantes yes, another Odyssey.
    But then perhaps Walter Scott, Hardy, Wodehouse and Tom Sharpe. The last two because kids need to have fun with reading to keep at it.

  2. Ah, Peig. I have heard stories of the pain caused by Peig!

    I wondered about Orwell being in the canon, but think his significance is more political than literary.

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