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  1. OK, I’m going to venture a bit off piste.
    We can’t take the catholic church out of the society, or any church for that matter. The core message from 2000 years ago is lost, or worse a tool of control.
    What did they fear, and was that fear based upon reason.
    Two things scared the bejasus out of the churches, the French revolution, and the Russian. For 140 odd years they thought the very worst thing was Republicanism. A thinking they connected to Calvinism, and used the tools of the counter reformation to stymie it. But Socialism was a different animal. It was far harder to use money to bring them into the fold.
    In the UK, the Labour of Blair is that of the OZ Labour party the ABP Mannix sponsored for it plays to merit, but that’s merely a reworking of Blood Right.
    Rarely do Historians look to where on the social spectrum republicans sat over time.
    Today I was at Rockwell to shoot a women’s hockey match and was struck by the evolution of the place from a mansion of the trusted third rank to something bigger than a royal palace.

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