Standing at Kilmainham — 1 Comment

  1. Back in 2015 I was invited by the CoCO in Tipp to an evening of discussion at a hotel in Clonmel to make suggestions on how the 100 would be commemorated. I left it with the certainty it was one of those civil service ‘inclusion’ events designed to rubber stamp what was already decided. And when the Source in Thurles invited me to put on an exhibition of photographs I went with a pared down ‘why’ and from ‘where’. The place reminded me of the Saatchi when they were in the old paint factory on Boundary Road. And I agreed wholeheartedly with the families not to be involved with an exercise in bull.
    Even today, it has yet to dawn that the social and economic system in play here was profoundly different to that in the GB. And one in essence that of Putin’s Russia, itself a resetting of the system pertaining pre WW1.

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