The Census Return — 4 Comments

  1. It stuck me when QE2 was over a few years ago that they could’ve handed the place back to her and while she mightn’t have understood the red boxed issuing from Dublin Castle her grandfather wouldn’t have any problems at all. So unchanged the place is administratively. So, I’m not too hopeful for the next 100. A little, but not too much.
    On the religious question. I’ve been painting icons. Mostly of the Sinai, or Cretan tradition. The earliest I can find. And not copies, more a nod towards.
    How can anyone alive who lived reading about little girls dying giving birth under a motte repurposed to fit a tableau of Lourdes, the savagery inflicted on orphans by so called religious to the slaughter of babies through infection starvation and neglect in Mother and Baby homes still have any belief in the formal church, any of them.

  2. It struck me whilst making little hyphens through the document that the CSO might be better to ask Facebook, Google or Twitter for their data. For frankly beyond the straight head count there wasn’t that much one could sink a tooth into and then derive policy. Even Tesco has more I suspect.

  3. It didn’t seem designed to garner any information that might be useful in shaping future policies. If the social media companies hadn’t more information than what the census provides, they would never sell any advertising!

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