You’ll never get to heaven — 2 Comments

  1. Ahh, he needs to visit Irving Finkle up at the British Museum. He discovered a tablet in Cuneiform that goes into even more details than the one that caused one of their number to have a seizure on realising he was reading the story of the Flood. And one substantially earlier than the first tablet and thousands of years before Ussher take. They even made a replica, that was televised. A Coracle, albeit a gigantic one by the way.
    I’m never quite sure of that type of text analysis on what is a translation. You rarely hear a C&C between the KJV, Douay-Rheims, Tyndall and the Greek. And it’s quite interesting the choices made by the scholars when more than one option was open to them. Tyndall is closer to the Greek in my opinion. And with a historians hat on, truly shocking the numbers killed on the turn of a translation choice.

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