Norman landings — 1 Comment

  1. That period is getting a thorough going over using the tools available in computors. Now some of the stuff popping to the surface is useless, but quite a bit is showing the differences and similarities. Cross analysis from town archives, wills, judgements and data going to the centre is a bit of a wow.
    For what it’s worth. I’d have said your name was pre-Norman, but when you mentioned the ‘De’ I’ve had to revise. Unless it was some scribe making an error in an assumption that had a large land owner thinking due to the size they must be Norman.
    I’ve been running with ‘Cast’ thesedays for I think it better explains the system in England, and for that matter Ireland now, where there was much more of a mixing.

    When the studies get to the church lands of the pre-Tudor era then we’ll get some real surprises I feel.

    Ohh, Time Team did a dig up in Cheshire at a place called Poulton, finding a monastery attributed to the Cistercians.

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