A visit by Jesus and a dragon slain — 3 Comments

  1. Magnus Magnuson on the telly years ago was one of the first to unpick the Icelandic Sagas and concluded that the core was based in events that actually occurred.
    This hook of his stuck in my mind and whenever I’ve read fables and sagas I wondered if at core they might have some factual basis.
    That Dragon, and the fears, could have something to do with underground mining in the Celtic and Roman periods. Given how they got at the ores the numbers of people they would kill in a year would be well beyond replacement rates. But it would also go some way to explain the mountains breathing fire, for the method was to build a fire before the face and then when red hot, throw water on it.

  2. If we lived in the Welsh valleys like Tolkien’s dwarves, I could understand the story.

    Aller, however, is on the edge of Sedgemoor, a long way from the sort of rock that would have ore.

  3. But you have copper, iron and lead in the Mendip Hills and oodles of copper in the Quantock’s. The nearest I could find was Kingston St Mary’s at about ten miles. But more further to the coast.

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