Boris Johnson’s problem is that he is not a grandee — 9 Comments

  1. The Tories are a loose coalition that without an opposition to keep them in line will create mayhem from within. I feel both main parties hold two or three sub-parties inside them but I don’t see a rejig until Scotland leaves the union. And too that, I think the Tories are far more realistic and see that that is only a matter of time.
    I also think if BJ stays in office they have a better than evens chance of being in office into the 2030s but if he goes now the leadership election will block them from office for 20 years for there is none head and shoulders above the rest and ambition in the losers will keep rebellion bubbling strongly.
    Me, I’d prefer he went and made sure they aren’t in nearer than 2050.

  2. I think whatever you think of any politicians policy decisions, there has to be a level of respect for their ability. In my case I disliked Thatchers policies, but as a politician you had to admire the way she operated. Since Thatcher the quality of senior politicians has taken a nosedive, and with it any respect for their abilities.
    Johnson fulfilled the Tory parties need to “get Brexit done”, now he is surplus to requirements and is being disposed of, bring on the next sacrifice!

  3. Johnson’s appeal to the Redwall meant he was never ever going to be able to pursue Thatcherite policies

  4. Even in resigning, he couldn’t accept responsibility for his actions – it was herd politics!

  5. Living in Ireland in 2016, I was befuddled by the Brexit debate. I’m still not sure what people thought they were voting for!

  6. I feel that the thing that pushed the leave vote over the line was a group of voters who took on all of the rubbish churned out by “patriotic” leavers on social media. Otherwise I feel it would have been a narrow vote to remain.
    As an example I have a relation that had never voted for anything before, or since. On the night of the vote they re-posted a spoof video of leave votes supposedly being erased one at time and changed to remain. They believed that is why pencils were used at polling stations. I think these were the people that made the difference.

  7. It’s hard to argue with the unreason of some people. Perhaps the only response is to create an equally fanciful counter-narrative

  8. Keir (I’m not Corbyn) Stamer could certainly pass for a Tory grandee, especially as the policies he’s pushing seem to me more like traditional “one-nation” Tory that they are traditional Labour. He encouraged Labour to commit to a second referendum which contributed to the size of Johnson’s victory in 2019. Corbyn was a poor leader and this also contributed. However, his policies were popular in 2017 and accepted by Stamer when he was running for Labour Party leader. He seems to have distanced himself from them since his election.

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