Died not for flag, nor King, nor Emperor. Tom Kettle, killed in action, 9th September 1916 — 2 Comments

  1. I tested that assertion where those who were on the western front were pushed aside due to being in the British Army. And its a bit of a curates egg, true in parts, but mostly not.
    Yes, most private soldiers decamped off the island. But that was due to economic conditions and differed little for those of the same ‘station’ who weren’t involved. While the old Irish Party leading families are still here sitting in FG for the most part. But they were what might be called empire liberals too. And had close connections to Oz, NZ SA and Canada in business and professions.
    Where it gets a tad odd is with families who were non-titled Tories, who made up about 40-45% of any pre 1918 election. They went to the imperial civil service, like Michael O’Dwyer, or church.

  2. Serving in the same battalion as Kettle there was Emmet Dalton. A man who would win the Military Cross for his actions and then go on to become a significant figure in the IRA in the War of Independence. One wonders what way Kettle might have gonw

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