Why do the Green Party hate me? — 4 Comments

  1. When their arguments are stripped down they come to the very old too many people living on the planet. And yes, we need action on climate. And yes, we need to move away from fossil fuel. And yes, we really need to make housing and businesses insulated. But what we don’t need are Right Wing parties with redux eugenics packaged in green tissue. Green new deal me eye.

  2. @ Vince. Too many people living on the planet? Debatable, with the modern farming methods there’s more than enough food to feed all. In the west the birth rate has fallen over a cliff, we as “white race” are heading for extinction, hence governmental reluctance to do anything about immigration (they hope the illegals can be tamed and will eventually provide a work force) As events unfolding in the world are showing, renewables do not cut the mustard. Fossil fuels are still needed to keep the lights on. The Net Zero carbon aims are pipe dreams at the moment, maybe in 100 years from now, but the policies now are ill thought out and will cause untold deaths and suffering throughout the world.

  3. My point was that the Greens use that at the kernel of their stance here. Not that I in any way agree with it. And I fundamentally disagree on the Net Zero. For while we haven’t the tech yet, that is no reason why we shouldn’t advance towards that goal. And yes, some innovations will fail, some will be superseded and yet more outright doolally. But what we really need to watch closely are moves to create yet more cartels or like with the COVID vaccines, blockages, designed to hit the poor, be they in rich countries or the global south.

  4. Well to be fair, to the cows. There are so many humans in the world. I think human farts are more unhealthy, esp If there vegetarian, or God for it vegans.
    Good grief, rather pass a cow fart, than the two I’ve meantioned above.

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