Counting down to home time — 4 Comments

  1. I would think that most of us lost touch with friends at home. Our experience was completely different from theirs, at least I found that I had little in common, other than living in the same place. As for the train journey, we often stopped at my home station going to and from school, but I couldn’t join or leave the train there as the council escort had parked his car at the next station up the line. It was then a tedious car journey going out of the way to drop a fellow pupil off in the sticks.

  2. We were neither fish nor fowl. Without the friends we would have had if we had remained at home, we didn’t have the ‘old boys’ network that came with ordinary boarding schools.

  3. Not only that, officialdom didn’t appear to know who we were. I was sent to the careers office from the job centre. The man in the offices grunted that he’d never heard of me and that he’d have to open a new file. Personally I felt lost, for want of a better word. Living in the same place as I always have, I still get the questions, “you must know so and so”, or “do you remember…”,sometimes.

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