Too much to eat — 2 Comments

  1. Cake with two sorts of icing, yes. Nuts, earlier. Turkey yes, or some sort of fatty bird. And the reason there was they were now at the limit of keeping. They would’ve grazed in summer on scrub by ditches and other scrub ground, then put into stubble to glean the lost seed from the harvest. They would be actively fed for six weeks at most. Feed that cost.
    Dates, no. The first time I saw them was in London. Pudding depending on the house, but I’d say mostly no. Mince pies, again depending on the house.
    I’d say in Ireland the bird and a ham, gotten via a win at a 25 drive, or whist.
    The sprouts yes, and twice or three times the size and boiled beyond the point where they should. But any veg was in that space. You’d gain more from drinking the cooled water than the veg themselves.
    On the sprouts. I remember reading someplace that they remained outside until the first frost. For that did something to change their nature.

  2. I read once that roast beef was the tradition in England until the arrival of the turkey. Presumably for the similar reason that foddering cattle was a serious matter.

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