Missing a battle — 2 Comments

  1. What a coincidence because I just finished Snow Country and had the same reaction to the Brusilov Offensive. What an enormous loss of life and why had I not read about it? Understanding the history of another country, especially one we are in conflict with, deepens our understanding of their reality and hopefully can lead to peace. I’ve reserved the first book of his trilogy, Human Traces, from the library.

    I meant to comment on another of your entries, Saying ‘Goodbye’ to Christmas. I find the the Christian message is especially transformative when we deliberately bring it into the present. We sang an anthem two weeks ago called ‘I will Light Candles this Christmas’ by Kim Andre Arnesen. A few lines: “When the star in the sky is gone…the work of Christmas begins…to rebuild the nations…to bring peace among others.” You need to look up the lyrics to really appreciate the music. My thoughts immediately went to Ukraine and the pity of it all.


  2. Human Traces is a truly excellent piece of work. I have used quotes from it in various posts here through the years, particularly in its understanding of dementia.

    I really think that the church as it currently exists would disappear if it were to take seriously the Christmas message.

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