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  1. I had Borrowbox on my phone but took it off. The selection for audio books is dire.
    But what I can say is the reader is almost as important as the text. If they haven’t synced the two nothing can recover it.

  2. A good question!

    Very few of the recent sermons have been new, they have been a recycling of old material.

    I haven’t preached a sermon anywhere for more than five years now, but know some people from my former parishes valued seeing a sermon on my blog.

    My main problem has been time and energy. A good sermon takes three hours to write and I seem to have very little time (I lost four years of work when my external hard drive broke, meaning I have to write new lessons for all of my classes at school). I am still struggling with my health after a severe chest infection and sometimes have no energy for anything.

    I shall try to resume service!

  3. Librivox is very good, particularly Mil Nicholson who captures characters perfectly with her voices.

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