The power of steam — 6 Comments

  1. Back in the 90s there was a steam loco in the carpark of the Ennis train station. It sat on about 20 yards of track looking like Plassy aground on Aran.
    I would see it every week as I travelled up and down to UCG since Ennis CIE acted as a twin station for buses too. I stopped going up and down, and then went with a local bus fellow who was bringing from south Kilkenny and Tipp SR. For some reason I ended up in that car park a few years later and she was gone. Onwards a few more years and I was standing on the platform in Bray when a steam train halted and did her hissing and wheezing before heading off around the Head, leaving me hoping it was the sad engine from Ennis.

  2. Nope, the one I saw was a different one. The engine beached in Ennis was part of the West Clare line named Slieve Callan.

  3. Was the one in Ennis from the old Ennis and West Clare Railway (made famous by Percy French)?

  4. I read that initially the locomotives held at Woodhams were saved by the volume of other, presumably more profitable work, going through the yard. Later on he realised that there were people keen to buy them as they were and so avoiding the work in cutting them up. I think he was probably more of a canny businessman than anything else.

  5. Ah, profit being the foreunner of altruism!

    It makes sense. A friend used to say that if you wanted an explanation for most things, just follow the money.

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