Silly rituals make a difference — 2 Comments

  1. Now I’m not sure about this. But in the 18th century the lodges were the province of the Whigs. Or to nudge the thing a bit. The segment not connected with the Courts across Europe. But connected to the heir to the throne. Somewhat of the Enlightenment, the universities, in possession of secular libraries. Business people who formed the Industrial Revolution.
    And you find reference in the oddest places. Kilcooley Abbey has a pretty large stone pyramid to one of the Barkers. I have an image of it on an old drive someplace.

  2. Despite their claims to antiquity, Freemasonry is very much a product of the Enlightenment.

    The pluralist philosophy adopted by the Lodges, where each person’s religion was accepted, is an antecedent of the secular pluralism of Western democracy.

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