Sinn Fein score an own goal — 2 Comments

  1. Not so sure you have hit the nail on this one.
    P O’D was sent out as strong and competent. Now FG can’t make that argument for it’s well sunk into the electorate that he can’t manage his election affairs without prodding, and that’s the core difference between his issues and SF’s. And that he hadn’t the 2020 numbers to hand when questioned in parliament. And then had to correct for that election too. Opse.
    Mind you, the only thing I’m certain of is SF will be the largest party after the next GE. But by how much, and will the be a majority. I don’t think they will. Close, yes. But then the big Q is just who will marry them. Or will we see a gigantic rainbow formed to keep them out. All good fun.

  2. Ad hominem criticisms don’t cut the ice with most voters, though. It’s similar to the stuff of what in England Boris Johnson called the ‘Westminster bubble.’ I talked to Sixth Year students during the week to gauge their reaction and they hadn’t even heard the story.

    It allowed the government to muddy the waters and has allowed platforms like Waterford Whispers to depict someone expressing surprise that they were all at it.

    It’s hard to see there being any government being formed with parties other than Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.

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