A hundred years since the death of English religion — 2 Comments

  1. I tend to focus upon the years before the war. Part of my degree was Russian history and I read all the Russian academic historians that the Hardiman held who moved following the Revolution mostly to the USA. And were writing in the 1920s.
    Their outlook was that of Ayn Rand, a form of libertarian liberalism, hardnosed and at core cruel. Now a million miles from the Russia of today, or Ireland, UK and most of the West in the period before the second world war, with Ireland long after.
    But to your point. Pre WW1 there was a cohort of thinkers that moved away from formal religion to that of Spiritualism and Mysticism or those like GBS and the Fabians who took from Engels and Marx the view that formal religion was a means of class control. Yeats took a different tack.

  2. The Act of Uniformity had always ensured that English religion was of a nominal sort

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