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  1. I could never fathom poetry in school, except Gray’s Elegy and a few Irish ones like Kavanagh. But reading in a Classics department changed my view of English poems where a few things dawned.
    The incomprehensible. All drew from the Roman poets, indeed some would be prosecuted today for copyright infringement. They tried to square peg Latin into the round hole of English. Horace Virgil and Catullus are blooming hard in Latin, where core meaning can have many many shifts usually to keep the writer safe. And that isn’t even taking account of the sheer elegance in the word shift.
    Then you have the translation choice in vogue when the poet was on the go.

  2. Translation seems significant.

    I have been listening to the Brothers Karamazov on Librivox, but for it to be in the public domain it has to be an old translation. I suspect some of the words would be very differently translated now.

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