Imagining a day in the garden — 3 Comments

  1. For the Tidy Towns in Clonmel last year I photographed an allotment off the by-pass. They had magnificent plants but were of an age a generation or even two above me.
    Connecting with the time when veg growing was a reasonable budgeting exercise, something it hasn’t been since about 1972.
    For myself, the last efforts in veg growing was 15 tomato plants that provided a gigantic glut at the end of the season. So much so I bought vinegar and oil to preserve them. Ended up with about 40 jars that sat on shelves for another 5 years, with nary an attempt to open one. All in all, and to put an economic metric over the endeavour, between the plants, the canes, the string, the feed, the making for a homemade green house, the jars, the vinegar, the oil and the time, I could’ve bought all my needs from Aldi wrapped them in real gold leaf and sparkly diamonds and still not have a match.

  2. I take cover in vaguely economic arguments about economies working best when people do what they are best at!

  3. Hmm, and my worry is we go back to the times when an Allotment makes economic sense for the poor, rather than a eccentricity for the well heeled.

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