Prepared for eventualities

Aug 17th, 2008 | By | Category: Personal Columns

“Ian, what have you in that bag.  We are away two weeks; you couldn’t possibly need all that you have in there”.

I looked at the big green holdall sitting beside the compact blue bag that had been packed by Herself.  Admittedly, the bag was slightly larger and it did bulge a bit.  “It’s the bag.  There’s lots of empty space inside it.  If you’d had that bag, it would be just as large”.

“Have you everything? Have you books in your bag?” Non committal answer.

Later I attempted to slip a canvas bag filled with books in amongst the luggage.  Spotted, I had to remove the bag and insert the books amongst the compressed contents of the green holdall.

The necessity of the green holdall becomes apparent at family occasions.  Sitting with my nephew and Godson on one knee at the barbecue last night, I attempted to pour dressing onto one of my brother in law’s home made burgers and missed.  “Ian,” shouted Herself.

Unflapped, I mopped up the dressing covering my right leg.  Not a problem at all, there was another pair of similar coloured trousers in the bag.

Nor were the shoes drenched by English summer weather a problem, they could spend a couple of days drying.  The holdall held alternatives.

It is said that Imelda Marcos’ shoe compulsion arose from an alleged lack of footwear in her childhood days – her protestation that she had not 3,000 pairs of shoes, but only 1,600, only making the story seem even more absurd.

The green holdall arises not from a lack of anything, but from years of clumsiness; years of spilling things; years of finding mud and puddles; years of dropping things on the floor; years of getting unexpectedly wet.

It also means that there is no need to go to a shop to buy a jumper because the weather was ten degrees cooler than anticipated.  I stood smugly outside of the shop.  Had there been two green holdalls, there would have been no need to have gone shopping.

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  1. Ah sure if there is space in your bag Ian, then Herself can happily go shopping and put the purchases in it for you to carry 😉

  2. I’m very impressed by Herself’s ability to travel light. I tend to be a ‘just in case’ sort of packer so while I’m always prepared for every eventuality, I often manage to forget one of the basics for everyday living.

    Enjoy the break, Ian

    I hope you packed your water wings 😀

  3. Ian at least you managed to get all the food in the right place today and neither your shirt,tie,trousers,socks or shoes suffered. It was great to see you after 33 years and to meet your family, thank you very much for your hospitality Cheers Les

  4. Aww I’m jealous of Les!

    Now don’t you worry about the Green Bag . . we ‘light’ packers find it very useful travelling with you contingency planners! I know women with handbags that contain simmilarly useful bits and pieces!

  5. Baino

    It was a great day, and Ian is a great guy.

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