Ageless years — 3 Comments

  1. I sometimes wish we didn’t change! The beauty of an old building is that a quick cleanup with a pressure hose and it’s restored to its former glory . . wish it was that easy for us mere mortals!

  2. I am glad of the change. Forty years ago my life was one of hard labour. The only former glory I miss was my rich auburn hair, you can keep the pale skin with great big freckles on a body that looked for all the world like a skeleton covered in skin!

    Now if you had said thirty years ago… I’d jump at the chance to relive it!

  3. I know where you are Ian, It’s a great pity that the old shop had to be pulled down as seemingly it didn’t fit into the outsiders plan to create their ‘dream-cottage’, another part of our childhood gone. Black-Jacks and penny chews too come to mind, and the enamel advertising sign screwed below the counter with the kittens in the boots advertising ‘Cherry’ bootpolish. At least no-one has spoilt the green yet!!!!

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