Saintly teachers — 5 Comments

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Miss Everitt and Miss Rabbage being the ones I knew as a child.Do you remember washing the milk bottles and the older boys having to get the coal in for the stoves in the winter?

  2. Les,

    I had forgotten the bottle washing, in those big sinks.

    The thing I most remember about the milk and the stoves was the smell of the milk when you took the top off the bottle after the crate had been left by the stove from the beginning of school until break time – every time I smell lukewarm milk I’m transported back to the junior classroom.

    There would have been no chance in life for most of us if it had not been for those teachers – even if we did get the odd slap.

  3. The problem was the milk turned sour. Les I have been wondering for weeks if yoiu were the Les Plant we knew. Glad to know you’re doing well.

  4. Paula,

    If he is not Les Plant from High Ham, he is doing a very good impression! Ask him what car his dad drove.

  5. Paula, There can be only one Les Plant!!!!!, My brother Dave is about the same age as you, my Dad’s first new car was a Bedford Beagle then he was left a Toyota Corona by my Granfather and finally he bought a new Toyota Corolla, after that my Mum and Dad split up and he moved away.
    Your sister Sarah and Rebecca Croot and my Sister Ruth used to be friends. Max and Tim Croot being Ian and my friends.
    Am I correct in saying that you also live in Ireland?

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