Prayer for a pass mark — 6 Comments

  1. Dear Ian,

    I know one thing you are good at.

    You are a very good writer. It’s not easy to
    express yourself as well as you do. Even if you
    are lamenting your shortcomings, you are doing
    it in fine style.

  2. Ian
    Don’t put yourself down, as Nancy told you, you have a great wit and people enjoy reading your writings. I know your prayer was meant to be serious but most of it had me in stitches!!As a priest you must also have a gift for listening to and helping people in need in your parish and further beyond.A patience and understanding that I do not have.

  3. Nancy,

    You are very kind (your cheque is in the post ;-)).


    There was a pop song in the late 70s about being in the kitchen at parties, I felt it was written for me! The prayer was written half tongue in cheek, but sometimes humour is the best way of making serious points. I knew a man who was a brilliant schoolmaster and got the OBE, after he retired he started doing very different things, including building a granite wall. He pointed at the wall and said, “Do you know, that wall gave me more satisfaction than almost anything I have done.” I know what he meant.

  4. Peggy and I sat in the Rectory one day discussing the numerous talents spread between Katharine and you. I commented that I had yet to find my hidden talents or vocation in life to which she replied that she was still looking for hers. I think she was about 78 or 79 at the time. We had a good laugh about it as Peggy often did.

  5. Ian, you underrate yourself as all modest people do. Think of your virtues. Communication with wit is a great gift! Better get used to it . . .there’s no interventionist God you know. She’s off mucking about with some other race at the moment! I’m not a girl of the faith but I’m pretty sure you’ve passed!

  6. Ian for years I had a dread of having to meet strangers. Then I realised how much fiun I was missing.

    Think of all the ‘Toy boys’ I missed! 😉

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