Please, no more sex — 4 Comments

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head when you wrote “Of course, it is much easier to discuss sex, discussing justice might be altogether too challenging.” It is so much easier to talk about something that comes down to different interpretations of a tiny number of passages in scripture than to challenge the power and political structures keeping the poor as they are.

  2. Ian are there many more like you? There should be! I agree that the obsesson by most mainstream Churches with issues that simply aren’t on the congregation’s agenda is so wasteful and unnecessary. Homosexuality, like prostitution is the oldest game in the world. It exists, it always will, get over it . . . move on. Vilifying, sagitating, prognosticating is not going to change a thing when there are so many other vital issues that need to be addresseed. I agree with Martin, it’s a much ‘easier’ to tackle these sideline issues than poverty and injustice.

  3. I’ve been “preaching” on this imbalance for the past number of weeks… When will we learn? So much on love for enemies…the poor…justice…

  4. I think the saddest thing for me is the way in which evangelical Christians have become the tool of neo-Con politicians, providing a theological imprimatur to a political system that allows the degradation of God’s earth, that ignores the cry of his people and that reduces his commandments to simply those that concern the private and the personal. I always believed that Jim Wallis would gain a huge following that would carry through great reforms, but he has remained like one of the Old Testament prophets, declaring the truth while the rulers have refused to listen

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