Parallel lives — 3 Comments

  1. It’s a question I have thought long and hard about when I was younger. Home based or traveller? Maybe I enjoy the comfort and material things that a 8-5 salary brings.I think I need order in my life. Although the cottage half way up a montain in Co Galway does seem an inviting proposition.


  2. If I believed in God, I could have been a priest… that is to say, I can imagine myself as a priest, though I have no idea whether I would pass all the testing qualifications. Instead, I’ve ended up as an academic and philosopher, which I think is similar in a number of ways (even though saying this automatically brings plenty of disanalogies to mind, it’s still more similar than being a builder or a cocaine-snorting media-type or business banker, say).

    This is by way of saying it needn’t be religion that puts you in a parallel universe.

  3. Ken
    As a builder (Site Manager) I have a flock of sub-contractors that I have to continuosly preach health and safety too and I also have to lead them all through a process to achieve a result. A house for someone to live in.Please dont include us in the same group as cocaine snorting media-types or business bankers who I have to perform building miracles for to give them the fat profits they seek.

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