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  1. Wow Brilliant! Memories of the slow dance at the end of the disco at Othery village hall in 74/75 2 others ‘YOU MAKE ME FEEL BRAND NEW’ and ‘STONE IN LOVE WITH YOU’ Yes memories of first loves. I wonder if Saul would of been one of the millions that tried getting a ticket to see Led Zep!!! I’m with you Ian 70’s music was the best.

  2. Ahh you saucy old codger. . .everyone likes the Stylistics, music to do you-know-what-to! Um . . Saul can keep his harp . . . incidentally, not because I like them – I don’t – but a massed bagpipe band brings tears to the eyes. There’s something emotional bout those whiny strains. I just can’t help it.

  3. Les, Can’t imagine Zep would have calmed Saul’s soul too much – I think a bit of chillout music would have been more effective. Whatever we might have thought about Stylistics music, not too many blokes would have admitted to being aware of it.

    Baino, Occasionally, there would have been a piper playing a lament at funerals I did in the North. He would stand alone maybe twenty or thirty yards away from the grave and after the committal was complete, would launch into tune. People would stand in silence. It was very moving. The most moving tune, for me, is ‘Oft in the Stilly night’ which they play at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday in London.

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