Going home to be ill — 4 Comments

  1. I read the writing of the young Mother and was horrified by what she is going through. She needs immediate treatment. We people over here dont realise how lucky we are even if some areas have a 2-3 day wait to see the GP. In my area I can get to see my GP the same day. Working for a PLC sometimes does have its benefits, as myself and my family are also covered by private medical Insurance.Which I have had to use twice.I dont think I would visit my GP many times if it cost me the best part of £100!!Its scandalous.

  2. Ian I cannot believe the health costs in Ireland. I visited another blogger the other day who paid 150 Euro for the removal of a stitch in her hand by a specialist. Stunningly expensive. I’m amazed that there isn’t more activism practised among the Irish about the health system THEY are paying for through their taxes. A normal consultation here is 26 Euro (sorry can’t find the symbol on my keyboard) Specialists around 44 Euro and 85% is paid back through our public health system. My recent hysterectomy cost a total of 1018 Euro of which I will receive 568 Euro back after private claims and medicare and we’re only a population of 20,000. My father was treated ‘free’ for Cancer through the public system. It’s an abomination and I can’t understand why there isn’t more public outcry. Hold onto your British citizenship at all costs!

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