Stars and not celebrities — 3 Comments

  1. My old PC is having trouble opening the good professor but I’ll try later in the day. I love the stars but they’re fading thanks to city glow at my place as well. They’re different down here but I can see Orion so spare me a thought next time you’re star gazing. And while you admire The Plough which I cannot see, I’ll be staring at the Southern Cross which you cannot see. I find it hard to look into the cosmos and not imagine life circling around one of those great suns!

  2. Hey, I checked my Book of Stars and Planets by Patrick Moore, which my daughter gave me for Christmas and you see a load of the same stuff – including a hunter, two dogs and a hare. I never knew that!

  3. Does the hunter have a pipe?

    “Life is much happier watching the sky and not the television”.

    Sky has better reception too 😉

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