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  1. This declaration is not before time I believe science and God can co-exist and that God is a broader concept than portrayed in the Bible. In the past, the Church has maintained control by promoting ignorance, scientific knowledge was a threat but I guess as the political control of the Church at large diminishes, it is forced to embrace new ideals and rethink it’s philosohpy. Definitely a good thing

  2. Ian, sorry to change the subject but I was fascinated
    to find this comment below on another site. What is your view on it? Have we been hoodwinked all along that the fast is only 40 days or have I just blown a quiet secret?

    “But, the observant amongst you will note that Ash Wednesday to Easter Saturday is 46 days………because fasting on Sundays is not allowed, because as the day on which Christ rose from the dead, Sunday is always a feast day.

    Therefore, the lenten fast is the 46 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter Saturday, minus the six Sundays in that time period, giving 40 days in total.

    So you can gorge yourself on Sundays”.

    btw I’m giving up abstinence, temperance and moderation 😀

  3. Steph,

    There was never any secret! Even the Sunday School kids here are told how to count up the days in Lent – six sixes plus four. Sunday is the feast of the resurrection so is not counted.

    Of course, legalists, and there are plenty of those, will say then that the Lent fast does not apply. As far as I am concerned legalists on one side are the counterparts of literalists on the other. It depends whether the letter or the spirit is observed. If Lent is a time of reflection leading up to the great Easter festival, then counting days doesn’t come into it. Gorging oneself on Sundays sounds something that might have pleased the Borgia Popes!


    I think that today almost the whole world could admit this diagnosis. But I’m sorry to say this, as it seems to me that you believe in Darwin at the same measure you believe in God!!
    If you say that evolution is the fundamental concept underlying all of biology, and that it is supported in multiple forms of scientific evidence, I must agree. But I have to say that the most fundamental thing is to avoid the present confusion between “the fact of evolutionâ€? and “the theory of natural selectionâ€?.
    As I see, today increases the number of American School Board’s resolutions urging the wording be changed to allow for balanced, objective and intellectually open instruction in regard to evolution, teaching the scientific strengths and weaknesses of this theory, rather than teaching it as dogmatic fact. I agree as well, because a true scientist will always allow any theory to be undermined by further scientific findings.
    We should learn from the great scientists of the past. Did they follow one way of thinking on a problem? No. They looked at all sides of a problem and all possible iterations and developed their own well-reasoned solutions.
    Following that same idea I have developed my own well-reasoned solutions. As a conclusion, I affirm that Darwin’s theory of evolution is at a very critical point. Thus, I’m one of the scientists who think that natural selection is an inadequate theory to explain the emergence and the evolution of the living beings.
    If you are interested on the foundations of a new theory of evolution and ready to rethink some laws of physics and of biology, you are invited to visit the blog: (and the Spanish web linked to it)
    There you can find some excerpts from the book “Cosmos y Gea. Fundamentos de una nueva teoría de la evoluciónâ€? (Cosmos and Gaia. Foundations of a new theory of evolution). This book is not yet translated into English, but many people already have found it as an essential scientific issue, far beyond of the sterile and ideological controversy between Darwinism and creationism.

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