Warmer days — 2 Comments

  1. There’s no doubt that climate change is occurring and many feel it’s a natural process that has taken place over millennia. Whether it’s carbon emissions causing it or not is purely academic but there are other reasons why we need to stem our impact on the planet. I get really angry with people who thing that carbon has nothing to do with it when even if it doesn’t, over population, deforestation, pollution, refuse and exctinction of important species are giving us all the signals that we need to reduce, recycle and reuse. It is still an important initiative if we are to survive here.

  2. Baino,

    Ideas about reducing, reusing and recycling have been doing the rounds in Christian circles since the 1970s, the evangelical writer Ronald Sider was at the forefront of a movement to be good stewards of what we had been given. This was long before anyone began talking about climate change; it was about using finite resources wisely.

    But what if our reducing and reusing and recycling doesn’t stop the climate change, have you heard any politician say what we are going to do?

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