Rings thought — 3 Comments

  1. Ian – you have succeeded where Tolkien has failed, to capture my imagination with this post.

    The thought of a world in peaceful coexistence is certainly attractive though I don’t recall things being exactly ‘peaceful’ in the Lord of the Rings!

  2. Steph,

    There’s a bit where Merry and Pippin want to be back in the Shire and one of them says that if they give up, there won’t be a Shire. It is to recover the peace that the power of the Ring needs to be destroyed

  3. I see it also as the battle of good against evil with the good winning through. I am also like you Ian growing up out in the sticks I would love to live in the Shire and I think the Hobbits houses are fantastic (unless you are as tall as Gandalf)They would not take much heating either being covered in earth and grass. Very environmentally friendly.The film trilogy has got to be amongst the best films ever made. Me and my boys also love to sit down for a marathon viewing session too.

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