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  1. Grannymar,

    It makes me angry that little people are subject to the full force of our financial regime, while the Taoiseach and others can skip through and still claim the confidence of a Dail majority. It is not credible to claim that one could casually lodge £30,000 – either the bank is telling lies about their administration of the law and deliberately turned a blind eye to an amount that was twice what a working man earned in a year, or the person making the lodgment was dishonest

  2. mmm. . .weird that! At least you’re not living in South Africa. I have friends there who are looking to leave and they can only take out 260,000 pounds. They are a wealthy couple and have no right to their own money thanks to a lousy economy, corrupt regime and withdrawal controls. A case for keeping your dosh under the bed perhaps!

    I have a theory that bank tellers are sour because you have more money than they do! Needless to say, they’re very polite to penniless me!

  3. Ian I have been listening to Bertie and some of his confused stuttering on RTE and I find it unbelievable to the point where I burst out laughing the other day. How can this man carry on in a position that he is in!!By the time Bertie had finished at the Exchange desk the woman would probably give him anything to get rid of him.

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