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  1. But, Grannymar, in our system you cannot be ‘somebody’ in your own right, you must line out with one of the teams or you won’t get to play. It’s enshrined in legislation in the form of the 1998 Education Act that schools have a right to maintain their “ethos”.

    I was once asked by a church official about the background of a teacher that had been appointed, I talked about the teacher’s qualifications and experience, knowing this was not the answer that was being sought. I was finally asked if the teacher was Church of Ireland, I said I didn’t know and that it hadn’t occurred to me to ask.

    Questions and comments that would have been regarded as sectarian and unacceptable in Northern Ireland twenty years ago are defined in terms of ethos here.

  2. Wow . . I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to even ask your denomination here although Catholic schools would expect their teachers to know the sacraments and attend mass with the kids. Do you mean public schools or hard to get non-denominational kids into religious schools? People here are flocking to the ‘independent’ (church run) schools, whether religious or not (My sister is sending hers to a disceplinarian Anglican school and she was Christened in the Wesleyan Church) because the quality of education and discipline is better rather than for the religious instruction. Mine both went to Catholic primary and secondary schools (a marriage vow on my part). Primary is pretty doctrinal but high school was less so, they learned much about other faiths (Islam and Budhism, the role of women in the church etc) and are now in a better position to make a decision about their own denomination which at the moment is Agnostic! Then again . . the Pope thinks we’re a bunch of ratbags!

  3. Baino,

    There aren’t any ‘public’ schools at primary level. There are religious schools and a few dozen “Educate Together” schools. In many rural areas, it’s the local Catholic parish school or nothing at all.

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