Standing on your own feet — 4 Comments

  1. Extremely good point. If we all lived by that code, life would be much more pleasant for everyone. I try, honest I do . . .bodily temperance is a bit of an issue!

  2. Ian

    Slightly off the main subject, but did you go down to watch the filming of the Pretenders on the moor at the bottom of Turn Hill? I did, I think I went down with Max and Tim Croot. Some of the locals featured as extras in the ‘battle’.
    Talking of RTE 1 I am really upset at RTE’s decision to stop broadcasting on MW later this month, unfortunately my car radio only has FM and MW I shall miss listening to RTE 1 over here. I do have LW at home but herself thinks I am slightly mad wanting to listen to an Irish radio station.Its more fun than listening to our depressing news I tell her.

  3. Baino,

    ‘Temperance’ of course means moderation! (As in temperate climate)


    I went with my dad one time. We parked in a lane and watched across a field – it was very slow! I think Ron (?) Combes was in it.

  4. Yes Ian I’m sure Ron Coombes was in it, see your memory is just as sharp as mine. I do remember the filming to be long and drawn out for just a short piece of action. Do you know I think I actually watched some of the series at your house as we didn’t have a telly in them days.I used to be fascinated by your Dad rolling his own ciggies wondering why they didn’t come out of a packet like my ole mans. Dirty habit I have given it up for 4 years in May.

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