Goodbye, Ian — 3 Comments

  1. I’m always a bit shy of commenting on this sort of thing because my understanding of it is so glib but any man with that level of intolerance is better off in a retirement home. I notice at 82 he’s still going to be in the ministry.It’s like every conflict lost lives are forgotten except by those who were intimately involved – Vietnam is now a holiday destination! It seems so sanitary to talk of those times as “The Troubles” when it was so much more.

    John Hume tells the story of the occasion when he said to Ian Paisley, “Ian, if the word ‘no’ were to be removed from the English language, you’d be speechless, wouldn’t you!” Paisley replied, “No, I wouldn’t!

    Good riddance.

  2. Ian,

    Billy, who has physical scars from the troubles as well as mental ones only those who experienced it can understand, sat watching the news yesterday and said, ‘Thank god he’s going. He started it all and hopefully he’s ended it.’ This from someone who grew up in a staunchly loyalist area of North Belfast. You wonder how much blood is on the hands of the likes of Mr Paisley and his clan.

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