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  1. This story about Nicky and his parents brings up the underlying guilt I sometimes feel about my mother being in long-term care (I’ve just written a post about her today). Even though I KNOW it is the right decision, you still never quite get over the feeling that perhaps you could have done more to keep her in her own home. The reality is that had we not intervened, my father would not be here today. Putting someone into care, whether young or old, is a huge decision for those involved. It is not easy to live with and always involves compromise.

    btw I still have to work very hard to try to be less-judgemental of others. I wish it came naturally but it doesn’t!

  2. Steph,

    I try to stick to the Biblical precept of ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged’ which means I now get judged as a fuzzy liberal.

    I don’t think an outsider can possibly know the pain that some decisions involve.

  3. Didn’t you say the child was left at school ‘all year round’? ‘months since he’d seen his parents’? Sorry, have to judge that one! Especially given that they obviously had the financial wherewithall to perhaps hire a carer or nanny. Respite is one thing but dumping a mildly disabled child and visiting a couple of times a year is not the right thing to do . . . Then I’ve always had a problem taking the plank from my own eye!

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