Sermon for the Fifth Sunday in Lent 2008 — 4 Comments

  1. Its called taking the church to the people, a priest who had previously worked in Africa came to our village as village priest, he announced “when I ring the church bell on Tuesdays you may come and see me”. he was not very popular and did nothing to attract people to the church. Perhaps there are many like him

  2. That African priest peter mentions was not the only one. I knew a clergy man who announced from the pulpit on the first morning ” You all know where to find me, I don’t do house visits!” That was over 30 years ago, I wonder where he is now?

  3. Ian – in many senses blogging is like a new religion.

    It involves creativity, imagination, reaching out to others, making friends, discussing local and world issues, the sharing of joy and sadness, and perhaps most important of all – being part of a community. Last weekend’s IBA celebration was just that – a coming together of people of all ages from many different backgrounds but all with an interest in common,that of blogging.

    I would see ‘For the Fainthearted’ as a good example of a way forward for the church. You reach out to many through your blog with your thoughts on life. You get to enjoy a response and we get the pleasure of answering you back 😉

    Church was never this much fun! 😀

  4. Dad and Grannymar,

    I suspect I have got so many things wrong myself that I wouldn’t presume to comment on what others did! I think people who worked in different cultures or in different times probably had problems adjusting.


    I agree with you – I get far more readers here than people in my congregation!

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