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  1. Surely the phones not for real? how irresponsible of Nokia. Ian I do still speak like that down yer me ansome!!!!

  2. I don’t think that would even hit the market here . . straight into the confiscation box at customs. As for bantering predjuce, where would be be if we didn’t slag the Kiwi Rugby team as handbag toting gayboys! We have a similar rivalry I suspect as do you with NI. Mind if we slag the gays, muslims, blacks, women . . .we’re in deep poo! Harbhajan Singh recently called one of our test cricketers, Andrew Simonds, a monkey and ended up suspended. I’m sorry but he looks like a monkey! Precious little cricketers.

    I’m with Grannymar . . sledging with humour is a part of life. Hey, I talk funny too! And I miss the Two Ronnies, they were a Thursday night staple when I was growing up!

  3. Listen ‘ere, baint a real gun!!!

    The implication from the Bruxellois is that Charleroi is such a dangerous place that you need to have your phone built into a gun.

    In Ireland it would be like Dubliners suggesting that you would need your phone in a knife handle in a certain other city.

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