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  1. Protestant? – yes
    old? – maybe, depends on the day
    plain? – dunno, not for me to judge
    dull? – NEVER!

    And it’s not just you I’m talking about here, Ian 😀

  2. Plain? Incontrovertible!

    Old? In the sense of the worn and the familiar. (I’m in my tenth year in my current parish and will probably be here for another nineteen).

    Dull? I think so, but dull is OK, it means being steady and predictable, which is sometimes what people want when everything outside is changing.


    – feeling tired at 2.45 pm having been to Mount Jerome and back in end of term (schools out at lunchtime) and Bank Holiday weekend(finish work at lunchtime)traffic

  3. Well I can’t speak from a biblical perspective but that last quote has resonance for me. I’ve been in a holding pattern for about six years, done nothing, gone nowhere and now that the ‘goal’ is in sight I’m excited, not about the destination but all the things I have to do to get there. Sometimes we focus so hard on achieving a goal (and that’s reinforced in the workplace with ‘targets’ and ‘objectives’ . . that we forget what’s happening to us in the interim. And you’re far from dull my friend! Plus you’re younger than me so ‘old’ doesn’t work either!

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