Hungry days — 3 Comments

  1. Very, very occasionally I think it would be better for someone to be killed than to carry on with what they are doing. Hitler, Amin would be ones that come to mind but now I think Mugabe has joined their ranks. In such a short time he has destroyed a nation.and the west sits by and looks on. NO OIL!

  2. OIL! I agree Paula most wholeheartedly and I’ve been saying this for ages,or Muslim. Where is the western powers? Chasing OIL and MUSLIMS.I have watched Mugabe on news clips with the volume turned down I find its the best way of watching body language and facial expressions I’m sure he would be sectioned if he lived over here.(Take a look at George Bush in the same way scary!!!!)

  3. Apparently extra ballot papers have been printed which suggests planned fraud during the election. I watched a doco the other night and their inflation is well over 1000%!Mugabe told an election rally this week that a vote for the opposition would be wasted because his opponents would “never be allowed to rule this country”. Indeed therein lies the rub. The opposition may win but it will be hard for them to seize power. This is indeed sad as Mugabe supporters are flocking to the other side if the news is to be believed! Paula, you have a point Zimbabwe has just been put in the too hard basket and if we’re not careful, South Africa will go the same way.

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