Slippery slopes? — 2 Comments

  1. The idea of cloning a child really scares me.

    Even now 29 years after the birth of the first test tube baby Louise Brown, I am not sure that I would ever have thought of going the IVF road. For various reasons I never expected to have children, but to my surprise and never ending joy I became pregnant within a couple of months of getting married.

  2. Ah Ian you rat .. slippery slope indeed! I’ll be pondering the ethics of genetics all day now! That’s the moral dilemma though isn’t it, how far do we go? Sure it would be wonderful to genetically modify disease and disablement but to choose the sex of a child, the colour of its hair, what imperfections to extinguish … who makes the decision? Then isn’t stem cell also a type of cloning and a lifesaver for some. No wonder we haven’t moved too far in that direction. We’re still arguing about genetically modified food.

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