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  1. Ian you have reminded me of the English Bobby who lent me £1 in about 1968… I might save the details for a Blog post.

    Thanks yet again for the inspiration!

  2. It’s like the line from an old time music hall song “You can’t beat a feller like an old time copper when you can’t find your way home”

  3. That’s hilarious! Ian

    It sounds more like a story out of the 1950’s – apart from the rapid transit to London.

    It’s amazing when you consider how much things have changed in such a short space of time. Mobile phones may be a public nuisance but they have their uses.

    For one thing, they are an excellent allergenic solution to asthma? I’ve no need for a dog, I take my mobile phone for a walk instead! 🙂

  4. The transit to London would probably have been faster in the 1950s than in 1980.

    I think that maybe if the bobbies returned to that sort of level of policing they would have a far stronger intelligence base and would be far more effective at preventing crime!

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