Equal in prejudice — 2 Comments

  1. I think it a shame that flags have become a symbol of antagonism rather than nationalism. Here some fly the Eureka flag which symbolises the miner’s uprising against heavy taxes on the goldfields in Ballarat but now it is a symbol of fierce white Australianism and often seen as a ‘tattoo’ on rather racist young white Aussies. Many hate the Australian flag because it features the union jack and whether we like it or not that is an important part of our heritage . . .whats the point of denying history and our origins. If the Orangemen want to wear their garb it seems to me no more affronting than an indian wearing a bindi although I’m not sure I’d feel the same if I saw a white supremacist wearing a swastika. I guess we all harbour our prejudices in some way or another.

  2. Baino, I think there is justified intolerance to the swastika when you consider what it represents. A bindi or an orange sash don’t have conotations of viscious genocidal beliefs.

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