What's a life worth? — 3 Comments

  1. I was having similar thoughts there yesterday. However, I was mightily impressed with the organisation and swift response of the Chinese authorities to the disaster. Such a shame similar comments couldn’t be made about the devestation in Burma which seems to be well down the news list in order of importance. Maybe the images are just becoming too harrowing for main news bulletins if some of the scenes shown on news 24 are anything to go by.

  2. Burma is still on the top of the list here as we have aid agencies waiting for Visa’s to get into the country. The junta there are behaving intolerably and the wet rag that is the UN is doing nothing about it. I agree with Paula, China’s swift response has been amazing by contrast . . .then the next news item is about Nicole Kidman’s botox obsession . . .who formulates the news, the writers or the readers? Perhaps that’s why I don’t buy newspapers and try to avoid tabloid TV news.

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