Petrol and theology — 4 Comments

  1. It has been suggested that if everybody boycotted the most expensive petrol companies their prices would be forced down to compete with the lower priced companies, or lose money. Ah well, If only

  2. Well – I never knew such information existed – and have circulated it among friends already! The web address will be on the notice sheet next Sunday in Saint Nicholas’. 8p difference within a 5 mile radius of us here…guess which station I’ll be using!
    Your recent blogs have been interesting – as usual, I suppose.
    Parish Picnics/Fun Days are big on my agenda too. Introduced them in Magherally and when the young folk heard that I was leaving the first question was, “who is going to hold the parish picnic?”! The first one for Saint Nicholas’ is scheduled for 22 June – bouncy slide and all!!!!!!!! Hope the day is fine.
    And fair weather wished for your annual Fete – wish I could drop in for the day…

  3. Ah sounds like a utopian economic theory. Our Government is in the throes of establishing “Fuel Watch” or some such thing where fuel suppliers will have to announce tomorrows price. Such is the price gauging and collusion. I don’t think it’s messing in politics at all, it’s providing a community service – although we’re all going to have to come up with an alternative, and soon!

  4. We’ve been using the service for the last couple of years. At the moment the prices are rising every two or three days and if you can catch a petrol station that hasn’t raised it’s prices yet you can make quite a saving and as the cheapest around here is £1.11.9p per litre up to 10p per litre more than that it can make quite a difference.

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